Bringing the Best of India to You

✨ Studio Anai was born out of a love of powerful storytelling. Named after my daughter it is the confluence of two cultures.

✨ If you’re like me and enjoy (or are just plain obsessed with) jewelry and seek self expression through unique pieces, then our thoughtfully created and curated collection is for you. Especially those of you who are unable to visit India often (or ever!).

✨ Why settle for mass produced monotony when you can wear handcrafted beauty? In choosing these exquisitely made pieces you help us support the perpetuation of centuries old crafts and sustain the livelihood of the artisans and their families. We source primarily from small, independent, designers and artisans and women-owned businesses.

✨ Life and education brought me from India to the US, where I completed my Masters in Fine Arts and enjoyed a successful career as a design and social media marketing leader.

✨ My love for accessorizing and ability to masterfully pair Indian jewelry with my western outfits. began to find admirers, and before I knew it, I was shopping and sourcing jewelry for my friends, colleagues, sometimes even mere acquaintances.

✨ Now, every trip back to India is a reason for me to bring back a slice of my culture and childhood for you. Mine is a women-owned BIPOC business.